Air Steam Skin

Air is inherently bright, breezy and minimalistic. That’s why it is one of the most used skins in the Steam community. The skin is literally an overhaul of the Steam interface and comes with a set of new features that make it quite irresistible. Want to know what Air skin for Steam client is all about? Well, every aspect of the skin will be laid bare in this write-up.

Color & Design

Air’s interface is largely defined by a mix of aqua and grey colors. The header and a few other sections are designed in aqua blue while the rest of the background is in grey. This makes the skin refreshing yet not-so harsh to the eye. Air also proffers a set of customization options in the config file that can allow you to tweak and change background colors to your very liking.

Aside from the glowing and bubbly blue texture, the skin features amazing visuals and graphics as shown in the custom friends list, button overlay, in-game notification bar and more. The developer of Air has always kept the skin up-to-date and that has truly turned it into a functional powerhouse.


The skin’s font size is fairly large, which presents no hard task when it comes to readability. Various sections can also be seen clearly as they’re well-spaced out, giving you the convenience of spotting the target game or button in seconds. Moreover, the fact that text is presented in a mix of vibrant white and aqua blue over a grey background further makes legibility hassle-free.


Air naturally comes with a minimalistic overlay. Everything from the games list to achievements bar and friends list through to notification bar is laid out simply and given its fair share of space on the interface. With that, you can access your favorite games and change between functions and utilities in an almost seamless manner.

Who Is Air Steam Skin For?

The Air skin for Steam is designed for anyone who wishes to flare up the default Steam interface. The skin is vibrant and dazzling in its very nature, something which blows a refreshing air into the Steam experience. Air is not just about good looks. Its functionality is top notch and its interface up-to-date too. So if you’re looking for a skin that syncs with the latest Steam version and offer light usability, Air could make a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Judging by Air’s design & color, legibility and usability features, it can be safe to say the skin is among the best one can find in the market. The developer threw a mix of aqua and grey into the design and included a color customization option, something that makes the skin appealing to gamers looking for a simple interface and those who are fussy when it comes to colors.

The skin’s minimalistic overlay also makes maneuverability easier and that’s what any Steam user would wish for. Its installation is also simple and follows the very same steps as other Steam redesigns. Air skin for Steam client generally proffers both beauty and functionality hence it is a skin worth trying.

Air Skin Screenshots

  • Air Skin For Steam #1
  • Air Skin For Steam #2
  • Air Skin For Steam #3

Download Air Skin

File Details

Steam Client
Windows 7/8/10, Linux
1.0 MB
Date added
Sept. 13, 2018

How To Install

  1. Choose your desired skin and download the skin files. The skin file is a Zip file format.
  2. You need to locate the destination path of Steam installed folder and find the Steam skins folder. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins/ Extract the compressed file to the skins folder.
  3. Back to the Steam client, click on the Steam menu (top left corner) and find the Settings option. View the Settings and go to the Interface tab, click on the drop-down menu where it says above "Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)"
  4. Choose your newly installed skin and click OK to confirm. Restart your Steam client.
  5. Now you can forget the old boring look of the interface and feel a bit rejuvenate with the new skin.

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