Digitally Unmastered Steam Skin

If you’re looking for a 'well-lit' Steam interface, then the Digitally Unmastered with its signature neon green might just be a great choice to consider. Released in 2012 and updated up until 2016, the skin transforms the standard Steam interface into something more appealing and functional too.

An In-Depth Look at the Skin’s Color & Design

Digitally Unmastered takes a color scheme that’s reminiscent of the green and black hacking terminal interface from the movie Matrix. The menu and address bar feature a green to black gradient with the rest of the interface largely being in black with a touch of smattering bright green colors.

Scroll bars come in simple green outlines while the drop-down menus are presented in solid black with green dividers. The drop-down menus are open and merge into the rest of the interface quite seamlessly. This might seem messy to many but all the important utilities are still in their right place.

About Legibility

While the skin’s fonts remain unchanged, the colors introduced onto the text do much in increasing readability. Headings are marked in bright green while the rest of text is ideally in black and white. The text size is quite sensible, so it would be safe to say legibility on this skin is top notch.


Considering the skin was last updated in 2016 when the Big Picture shortcut has not been introduced, it means for you to access this interface feature, you’ll have to dig deeper into the main Steam menu. Aside from that, the rest of the skin’s interface works just perfectly.

Digitally Unmastered Skin Screenshots

  • Digitally Unmastered Skin For Steam #1
  • Digitally Unmastered Skin For Steam #2
  • Digitally Unmastered Skin For Steam #3

Download Digitally Unmastered Skin

File Details

Steam Client
Windows 7/8/10, Linux
585.8 KB
Date added
Sept. 13, 2018

How To Install

  1. Choose your desired skin and download the skin files. The skin file is a Zip file format.
  2. You need to locate the destination path of Steam installed folder and find the Steam skins folder. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins/ Extract the compressed file to the skins folder.
  3. Back to the Steam client, click on the Steam menu (top left corner) and find the Settings option. View the Settings and go to the Interface tab, click on the drop-down menu where it says above "Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)"
  4. Choose your newly installed skin and click OK to confirm. Restart your Steam client.
  5. Now you can forget the old boring look of the interface and feel a bit rejuvenate with the new skin.

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