Pressure Steam Skin

Pressure skin is a magical recreation of the default Steam UI. It features a clean look and improved functionality that’s paired with impressive beauty. Do you want to know what this Steam re-design is all about? Well, the write-up below lays bare the nitty gritty details of the Pressure skin for Steam client.

Color & Design

Pressure skin for Steam maintains the primary colors of black and white as in the Steam interface, albeit with a few tweaks here and there. The dropdown menus have all been replaced with a single icon with the library featuring a new menu that simplifies the process of switching between games, music and utilities. Another notable feature on the skin is the traditional Steam logo, which takes position on the top right corner of the skin’s header.

The skin’s font has also been changed into NotoSans, which is a little thinner and smaller. Text, on the other hand, comes in a perfect mix of white, blue, green and orange, all spread out perfectly across the various sections. The Steam chat, messages and wallet icons have been redesigned and come with colors too.

About Legibility

Though the font type of Pressure is a bit smaller, it is still extremely readable, considering the text is presented in bright colors against a darker background. Section links are labeled in bold, all-caps fonts, so you won’t really find it a problem locating and/or accessing various utilities.

The only challenge with this skin, in terms of legibility, might be reading through the uninstalled games list, which is in faded grey and resting on a black background. This could be a little strenuous to the eye but if your monitor has a good contrast, you could view the section without trying so hard.

A Closer Look at Its Usability

Pressure’s interface features tremendous upgrades that set up users for a fluid experience when it comes to maneuverability. With the bright blue highlight accent, keeping track of the active items within the interface is easier. Even accessing the settings button is just a breeze, something that allows you to tweak and personalize the interface much to your taste or liking.

Who is the skin for?

Pressure is a go-to skin if you’re hunting for a Steam re-design that’s sleek, functional and light, all at the same time. It is also for anyone that wants to experience a Steam interface that’s neither too bright nor too dull. The skin’s synergy with modern operating systems plus its professional look makes it ideal for both the simple and fussy gamers in the Steam community.

Final Thoughts

Considering the details discussed above, it can be safe to say that Pressure is a perfect replacement of the default Steam interface. The skin’s interface is light, well-organized and proffers a range of new features that make functionality way easier.

Pressure is also easy to install but you have to use the BETA version of the Steam. Upon installing this skin, you could fall in love with it immediately and might not bother replacing it any time soon. So it is a skin worth trying.


Pressure Skin Screenshots

  • Pressure Skin For Steam #1
  • Pressure Skin For Steam #2
  • Pressure Skin For Steam #3
  • Pressure Skin For Steam #4

Download Pressure Skin

File Details

Steam Client
Windows 7/8/10, Linux
4.9 MB
Date added
Sept. 14, 2018

How To Install

  1. Choose your desired skin and download the skin files. The skin file is a Zip file format.
  2. You need to locate the destination path of Steam installed folder and find the Steam skins folder. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins/ Extract the compressed file to the skins folder.
  3. Back to the Steam client, click on the Steam menu (top left corner) and find the Settings option. View the Settings and go to the Interface tab, click on the drop-down menu where it says above "Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)"
  4. Choose your newly installed skin and click OK to confirm. Restart your Steam client.
  5. Now you can forget the old boring look of the interface and feel a bit rejuvenate with the new skin.

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