Pressure 2 Steam Skin

Pressure2 is one of the newest skins there is in the Steam customization market. And it is basically an iteration of the original Pressure skin version, whose interface was no doubt liked by many gamers. Pressure 2 brings in a few upgrades that are meant to better the user experience.

Here is all you may need to know about the skin

Skin Design and Color

If you’ve been scouting for a skin that’s massively painted in light white colors, then Pressure 2 could make a great choice. Just like its predecessor, Pressure, the skin builds on Steam’s basic design but introduces a simple layout with convenient drop-down menus and library page for games.

The simple aesthetic touches on the header, chat boxes, game grid display and general overlay are quite stunning, to say the least. Despite taking a minimalistic approach in terms of design, the skin is still looks sharp and professional while promising an insane amount of convenience in terms of functionality.


While Pressure 2 might not have the flair of other notable skins out there, its performance when it comes to readability is top notch. The fonts are clean, the spacing reasonable and the text color mix of black and orange resting against a white background, makes the process of scanning through the various sections, extremely quick and seamless.

Perhaps the only type of Steam users that might find legibility an issue on this skin are those who struggle viewing text presented in bright white backgrounds. Otherwise, if your eyesight is still in the correct state, you won’t really find a hard time finding section titles, subheadings or your favorite game in the Library’s games list.


Maneuverability around the Steam skin functions and utilities is convenient, thanks to the carefully calibrated interface overlay. Everything from the game grid display to the music details to settings board is readily accessible, which makes the interface feel a bit more intuitive compared to other skins, even the latest ones in the market.

The level of usability in any skin for Steam is measured by how readable its text against the background. And since Pressure 2 adopts a unique font type and size, with a mix of dark colors, reading through various sections and changing between utilities is made simple. Even more, the skin is neat and minimalistic in presentation of various items, which means the user doesn’t have to try so hard getting around.

Final Thoughts

Aesthetically speaking, the Pressure 2 skin is top notch. It also beats other skins hands down when it comes to overall layout friendliness and usability, all thanks to its minimalistic approach used in presenting GUI functions. It can also be a skin that can auger well with those looking for a vibrant and professional-looking Steam interface.

Pressure 2 might not have those dark color hues, that typify hardcore gaming, but in terms of functionality, it is a skin worth checking out. The installation process of the skin is a simple as you would do for other skins, so rolling it out on your Windows-based system or MacOS won’ really be a big issue.


Pressure 2 Skin Screenshots

  • Pressure 2 Skin For Steam #1
  • Pressure 2 Skin For Steam #2
  • Pressure 2 Skin For Steam #3
  • Pressure 2 Skin For Steam #4

Download Pressure 2 Skin

File Details

Steam Client
Windows 7/8/10, Linux
3.3 MB
Date added
Oct. 5, 2018

How To Install

  1. Choose your desired skin and download the skin files. The skin file is a Zip file format.
  2. You need to locate the destination path of Steam installed folder and find the Steam skins folder. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins/ Extract the compressed file to the skins folder.
  3. Back to the Steam client, click on the Steam menu (top left corner) and find the Settings option. View the Settings and go to the Interface tab, click on the drop-down menu where it says above "Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)"
  4. Choose your newly installed skin and click OK to confirm. Restart your Steam client.
  5. Now you can forget the old boring look of the interface and feel a bit rejuvenate with the new skin.

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